Are Private Piano Teachers Or School Teachers In Singapore Better?

If you are intending to take piano lessons in Singapore, you have two options. You could either learn from a private home piano teacher or you could go to a nearby music school and take up lessons from a teacher there.

Which one is the better option? The answer is that it is dependent on you. There are various factors which will affect your decision.

Is the student an adult or a child?

If the student is an adult, then traveling to and fro is not a big issue for him or her. This means that regardless if you get a private teacher to go to your house or you go to a music school, it will not be too inconvenient.

On the other hand, if the student is a child, home lessons are usually more convenient. This is because some children start taking piano lessons very early on. They may only be 5 to 10 years old. There is no point to worry about your child consistently if you send them to a music school. You either worry about them taking the public transport or have to fetch them to and fro.

For students, home piano lessons are recommended in Singapore. For adult learners, the choice is not so clear.

Do you have a piano of your own?

Although I strongly recommend anyone serious about learning the piano to get one of their own, some do not. In such cases, you have no choice but to either go to a private home studio or to a public school.

In such cases, I would then recommend you to actually go to a public music school instead. The reason for this is because you can then rent practice sessions without a teacher to practise on the piano easily. However, if you learn from a teacher from his or her home studio, but you have no piano, it can be inconvenient to practise on his or her place as and when you like.

Keep in mind though, that you should get a piano of your own. Even if it is an older, second hand one, it is still recommended over not having one!

Practising on the piano daily for a short period of time is absolutely essential for you to become a master at it. Here is my other post on what is the best way to practise on the piano. Read it if you want to learn the best ‘hack’ to master the piano.

Let us talk about the finances

Are you already straining in terms of your finances monthly? Then you might want to look at private home piano lessons in Singapore instead.

Some fixed costs which will be required and are highly similar for both private and public teachers are examination application fee, costs of books, the piano.

However, the largest variable cost if the cost of the piano lessons itself. Since I strongly recommended that you get a piano of your own, that is an unavoidable cost, similar to the above mentioned fixed costs. However, with a private home piano tutor, you can save a lot on transportation as well as marked up school fees. Schools need to cover for their administrative and accountant costs, as well as their rental and PUB costs. As a result of that, they tend to mark up their prices quite sharply. So, if your goal is to save money, then you should definitely pick private piano lessons over school teachers.

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