How Are Piano Lesson Fees In Singapore Charged?

If you are a first time student, or a parent looking for music teachers for your child, read on. If you are curious about why the piano lesson fees in Singapore are the way it is, read on.

I will explain to you how most music teachers in Singapore charge their piano lesson fees. If you need a music teacher in Singapore, go look for

Estimated piano lesson fees for most music teachers in Singapore:

In the following few paragraphs, I will share with you the estimated cost per lesson charged by most teachers in Singapore. Do note that some other articles may have written the monthly cost (which is usually the price of one lesson multiplied by 4), and so you may see some discrepancies. The reason for the discrepancy is that.

Grade 1 – $35 to 50 / 45 minutes

Grade 2 – $40 to $55 / 45 minutes

Grade 3 – $45 to $60 / 45 minutes

Grade 4 – $50 to $65 / 45 minutes

Grade 5 – $55 to $75/ 60 minutes (Do note lessons are AT LEAST one hour at this Grade and higher)

Grade 6 – $60 to $80 / 60 minutes

Grade 7 – $65 to $85 / 60 minutes

Grade 8 – $70 to $90 / 60 minutes

Diploma – $80 to $120 / 60 minutes

Some teachers may charge different from the above fees stated. It is just a rough guide for potential piano students in Singapore to look at. Under no circumstances are we implying nor saying that it is guaranteed you will find teachers at any of the above stated fees. There is no hard and fast rule. Do not be surprised if some charge much higher, especially if they have a long history of students with stellar results.

Frequency of piano lessons can affect fees charged by music teachers in Singapore too

Although most students in Singapore take weekly lessons, there may be exceptional cases.

If you request for two lessons a week, some teachers may give a small discount.

On the other hand, if you are not serious about learning, and just want to take casual piano lessons, and only want for example one lesson every 2nd week, then the fees may be higher to make up for the fewer lessons per month.

If you only want to learn a song for a particular special occasion, such as for a proposal, wedding day or something like that, the piano teacher may quote a special fee for you. Usually, anything that is different from weekly lessons will be a different set of pricing from the above mentioned generally speaking.

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